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Toilet, Shower, & Bathtub Fitting & Installations

Form and function can work hand-in-hand. We make it beautiful and functional.

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If you ever need a toilet installed in the San Francisco area, then your best bet will definitely be Plumbing SF! Our masterful staff can set up any bathroom perfectly.

We specialize in quality craftsmanship, and every fixture is a work of interior design genius. A lot of customers aim for functionality over form, and this brand can deliver the most reliable toilets on the market. For a wide variety of standard selections, Plumbing SF is the superior team to consult. If plumbing is new to your building, a different set-up process may be needed. Still, Plumbing SF can take care of business! We will have pipes running in no time. Customers can fine-tune the flushing of their systems, which allows them to minimize their water bill. Porcelain is the most common base, but a variety of metals and woods are also available. You can pick between high-flow models and low-flow modules. Plush cushions are offered to promote a softer sitting experience. Fancier units can also be installed by the experts at Plumbing SF. Basically, if the toilet fits in a bathroom, then our staff can get it working. You can also request bidets as an alternative. Ultimately, the end result is up to your discretion, and our workers will make your decorating wishes happen. When all is said and done, toilets are not rocket science!

We offer plumbing services in San Francisco and the neighboring communities. Our plumbers are certified to install brand new toilets in residential real estate as well as commercial buildings. When setting up toilets in offices, we consider efficiency and durability. Our technicians select tanks that hold a minimum amount of water volume while maximizing the power of each flush. Bidets and urinals are also part of the toilet installation services that we offer. When replacing old toilets, our technicians take great care not to damage the floors and walls of clients' homes. First, bolts are taken off to remove the bowl and tank. A wax ring might have to be replaced before a new toilet unit is set up. During the installation process, some tiles are removed and then resealed with grout. Once a toilet is securely in place, the flushing mechanisms are tested by our plumbers. The float, ballcock and refill valve are all adjusted according to the desired levels. Jetting and siphoning effects are also tested to ensure that each flush generates enough hydraulic force to empty out water below the trap. We install toilet units that are manufactured by top brands such as Kohler and American Standard. Some of the most popular styles include elongated, circular, elliptical and wall hung. Some toilets come in two pieces for convenient transportation to a customer's property.

(415) 319 - 6884 Or Email Us!