Clog Removal Services

You don't have to live of slow drainage. We can clear complete or partial clogs with ease.

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With skilled plumbers ready to work on your clogged drain, toilet or shower, Plumbing SF is the team for you. In fact, we specialize in unclogging drains in both commercial facilities and residential properties. 

Overflowing Clog Fixes

It might be alright when your dessert is overflowing, but you wouldn't want to see this happening to your toilet!

First and foremost, we highly recommend that preventive measures be taken in order to prevent the possibility of a clog. Our professional plumbers can mechanically remove almost any clog in a process called "snaking" a drain. In some cases, we can advise you on the best types of liquid solutions that should be poured down drains on regular basis. Some chemical agents are designed to loosen up grease, sludge and other sticky deposits. For example, sodium hydroxide is a potent ingredient that is commonly found in drain cleaning liquids. However, it's important to use solutions that do not damage any of the inner lining of pipes made from plastic or PVC. Our plumbers understand the sensitive chemistry involved in cleaning drains and preventing clogs. When there's a service call involving clogged drains, our technicians bring along all of the appropriate tools to handle the problem. Hand augers are effective at deep penetration of clogs in thin drain pipes such as those in toilets. Standard augers could expand to dozens of feet and length and get to the source of a clog in a plumbing fixture. For maximum power and force, an auger machine can be turned on. After drains are unclogged, our plumbers conduct tests to ensure success. Several flushes are done to confirm that clogs have been fully removed.

Clogs are a persistent thorn in the side of today's conventional water fixtures, but the skilled professionals at Plumbing SF can render obstructions completely obsolete. These San Francisco professionals are the masters of their trade, and there is no plumbing situation outside of their capacity. These are the modern masters of clog repairs. They can fix blockades in every part of the house. Sinks are their main focus, but they also specialize in clearing out bathtubs and toilets. If the sealed passageway has resulted in a flood, these workers will be able to help you figure out the next steps. Clogged pipes should not be allowed to sit without being treated immediately. If the path cannot be opened, bursting may occur. This unwanted scenario may lead to serious property damage, so it is best to address internal barriers before they pose a real threat. If the impediment is handled early, there won't even be a noticeable problem. The future of maintenance has arrived, and Plumbing SF is the face of plumbing's advanced evolution. This brand is the king of clog removal! Everybody has the right to water in their home, but their ability to enjoy it may be compromised by unwanted build-up and residue. As these clogs grow, the danger becomes more real. It is best to nip them in the bud with help from Plumbers SF!